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FAQ: General Information  (2 questions)

For general information regarding ArchsiteStudio. Please read this first.
  1. What is AsOrganiser?
  2. What is AsDesigner?

Answers: General Information

  1. What is AsOrganiser?

    ArchsiteStudio Organiser is our proprietary Content Management System. It uses a web-based interface that allows you to easily update your website content through your browser, with no technical skills whatsoever. Through the easy to learn, intuitive interface of AsOrganiser, you can*:

    • change all the text content of your site, including Menu and Page titles, Category and Project titles and descriptions, and contact details.

    • add, rename, turn on/off Portfolio Categories and the Press page.

    • add, rename, sort, turn on/off, or delete Projects.

    • upload, sort, or delete Project Images.

    • upload or delete Press Cuttings.

    *some features may not be available in all plans, for a detailed list of features available with each plan, please see the Plan Comparison table.


  2. What is AsDesigner?

    ArchsiteStudio Designer is our proprietary web-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Point & Click website template designer. You access it through your browser with a username and password. You can change the look and feel of your entire website by simply selecting a few preset elements and changing their properties. You can*:

    • change all background color, border thickness, border color, or style of every or all elements (boxes and text boxes)

    • change the text style, color, and size of all text elements

    • upload and change the background image of each and every element

    • change the global colors and settings of the entire website

    • change visibility of every element

    • change the highlight style of the menu elements and image buttons

    • upload and set your logo accross the site

    • change position and size of each element with pixel accuracy

    • open and save your changes to different templates

    • select your prefered design to make live instantly

    *some features may not be available in all plans, for a detailed list of editable properties available with each plan, please see the Editable Element Properties table.



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