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"We wanted to thank you for all the work you have done on the new web site. We are really pleased with it. We have had so many positive responses to it from both private and commercial potential clients, it looks great and is easy to use. We also love the fact that we can update it in minutes, so it can always be current and up to date.
It is a huge asset to our business.

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Award winning London based MMM Architects approached us to rethink their website, after their clients and website visitors complained about the complexity and slow loading time of their original website.

The original website had been designed at great expense at a time when flash animations were the trendy thing to do, but was unfortunately turning potential clients away rather than encouraging them to discover the work and portfolio of MMM.

ArchsiteStudio analysed the shortcomings of the original site, and found it to discourage visitors due to the constant "Please wait a few minutes while this section downloads" messages, and the complicated and opaque navigation system. Additionally, the graphics and colors did not fit with MMM's newly redesigned corporate image, and the overall impression was that of a student website rather than a well established architecture firm.

It was decided that the original website will be totally discarded and that ArchsiteStudio would design a brand new one.

After discussions with MMM, we proposed three different layouts and a color scheme based on their new corporate identity material, a powerful red, a warm grey, black, and pristine white. Once a preferred layout was selected, we refined and finalised the design, developed the site structure based on their requirements, and incorporated an early version of the ArchsiteStudio Organiser, to allow them to update the projects regularly.

All the content of the website, project images, texts, and press clippings, was added in a few hours time by MMM themselves, to create a rich and highly informative portfolio that presents their work to best effect.

Incredibly, even with the bespoke design, the total cost came to less than one fifth of the cost of their original website design!

Below is a brief description of the result, which you can see live at You can have your own ArchsiteStudio powered portfolio website ready to go within hours, using one of the templates we offer, and that you can tweak to achieve the effect you prefer. To get an idea of the incredible customisation of the standard ArchsiteStudio Templates, click here, and when you are ready, you can click on Place Order to choose a plan that would fit you perfectly. If you prefer a more bespoke solution, please contact us with your requirements, we will be happy to see how we can help.

The Home Page:

MMM opted for a simple, blank page showing only the menu. The red rectangle has an 'embossed' style MMM logo and copies the design, color and proportions of their printed brochure cover.

The Partners Page:

The bespoke menu/submenu structure allowed for different types of pages, including an About MMM intro, a Partners page, a Press page, and a separate Contact page.

MMM also chose to separate their projects into two main categories Residential and Commercial projects with subcategories within each.

A typical Category list Page:

Unlike the typical ArchsiteStudio category page, MMM have asked us to present the projects into two columns rather than one.

Clicking on any project's thumbnail opens that project's page.

A typical Project Page:

This keeps the typical ArchsiteStudio system of having a row or column of thumbnails, and navigation arrows (here replacing the < previous and next> standard links) moving between projects.

The thumbnail behavior here has been tweaked to open the large image when a mouse moves over it, rather than when it is clicked.

The SlideShow:

Again, here we have replaced the text links for next and previous projects with graphical arrows.

Note also the larger than standard slide image size (here 300x200 pixels instead of the usual 225x150 pixels).

The Press Page:

Ultimately, the new MMM website designed by ArchsiteStudio fit perfectly with MMM Architects' straightforward yet sophisticated architectural style, and has become a powerful medium for them to showcase their work to potential clients and to the media, at a time they are getting regular publicity from their award winning designs.

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